Love Trumps Hate - Guest Contribution from Jenn G. Cohen


I was gratified to see Salman Bhojani's win in the Euless City Council race on Saturday, especially after all the public unpleasantness that had been directed at him and his family.  I knew I had to say something about what I'd seen from Salman: how hard he worked, the energy and effort and passion he was directing at helping his community, despite some members of the community responding with fear and hatred.  I knew I had to say something about how proud I was - both of him and of the city that I live in - that he'd won, in spite of the divisiveness.  But I was struggling to find the words.  And then my friend Jenn G. Cohen wrote something on social media that said what I'd been feeling, better than I ever could.  Presented without edit, "Love Trumps Hate," by Jenn G. Cohen.

♡Love trumps Hate♡

This is a catchphrase I see pretty often, lately, and I always wonder - do people really understand what it means? We got to see it at work last night as the city council election results rolled in, and it is a truly beautiful thing, y'all.

See, what it DOESN'T mean is "the guy/party I love won, and beat the guy/party I hate." That's not it. No, ma'am .

It means that if we lead with love - love of our fellow humans and animals and planet- then love will always guide you to the right choices.

Last night it meant that a man with a genuine ♡LOVE♡ of his town and its citizens, won an election. He triumphed over a woman who openly posts about what and who she HATES.

He ran as dad concerned about his town. As an immigrant who literally personifies the American Dream, working his way up from a cash register at a gas station, all the way to becoming a lawyer and opening his own practice. He ♡LOVES♡ this country, and is proud to be here. He ♡LOVES♡ his fellow humans enough to do pro bono work with his law firm. Anyone who met this man, volunteered with his campaign, or heard him speak felt nothing but ♡LOVE♡ and light pour out of him.

His opponent was a woman who posts xenophobic rhetoric and memes. Someone who belittles and demoralizes. She was financially backed by people who believe the words "immigrant" and "Muslim" are slurs you hurl at people who are beneath you. This was a campaign fueled by HATE.

The folks in this town said loud and clear last night that hate has no home here. We won't tolerate it, we've had enough.

B asked me the other night about politics and how to vote. I told him honestly, that I won't ever tell you *how* to vote, but I will teach you *why*.

If you lead with compassion for your fellow humans, you'll make the right choices . If you vote or work to protect people, to care for them, to make sure they have the tools and the resources they need, then you'll be making the right choices.

If you vote to stand up to hate, to tell the bullies they aren't welcome here, to show the world you care, then you've done well.

This is how ♡LOVE♡ trumps HATE.