Who I'm Running For


I’m running for the teacher who told me she’s wondering whether the next cut to education funding in this state will be enough to cause her to lose her job.

I’m running for the woman who told me that, even though she’s morally opposed to abortion herself, it breaks her heart that the state has gone so far trying to reduce abortions and that they've caused the deaths of women that couldn’t find post-natal healthcare they could afford. 

I’m running for the neighbor who told me he longs for a return to the time when statesmen worked together and compromised.

I’m running for the Muslim woman who told me she’s had moments of fear about wearing the hijab in public, lately – but she always does anyway, because it’s what she believes. 

I’m running for the small business owner who wondered aloud why the Enterprise Fund is only used to attract big businesses to Texas, when small businesses are the real engine of our state’s economy.

I’m running for the woman in Euless who asked me “why nobody talks about the earthquakes anymore.” 

I’m running for the philanthropist that showed me how businesses, charities and local governments can work together to make life better for everyone in the community.

I’m running for the woman that told me how the “war on drugs” has negatively affected her family because she occasionally smokes marijuana, while dangerous “legal” prescription drugs are tearing at the fabric of society.  “What’s the real problem here?”

I’m running for the conservative that told me that he doesn’t agree with the direction of the state, and that the legislature only listens to the wealthy now, not to the little guys.

I’m running for the high school principal that told me he’s losing some of his best teachers, because they’re doing the math and discovering they can’t retire with the benefits they’re offered.

I’m running for the police chief that told me that he and his officers spend the majority of their time preemptively visiting people with mental health issues that our society has forgotten to ensure they’re taking their medications.  “I don’t know what the solution is, but we’re not even having the conversation,” he said.

I’m running for the transgender high school student, who told me how tired he is of having to defend who he is to people that won’t listen, and how frustrated he’s become with a state government that wants to score political points by making his life harder. 

I’m running for everyone who’s felt left out and silenced by “the way things are.”  I’m running for everyone that thinks their voice isn’t being heard by the people whose job it is to listen.  I’m running for everyone that’s given up on politics, because they believed that someone that speaks for them in this democracy isn’t a thing they would ever see. 

I’m NOT running for billionaires that don’t live here – there are already plenty of politicians falling all over themselves to represent them.  If you live in this district, I’m running to represent you.