Citizenship in the Community

My son and I just finished working on his Boy Scout merit badge for Citizenship in the Community.  I really enjoyed spending the time with him, sharing my passion for one of my favorite topics.  We had an extended conversation during the process about the difference between being “a citizen” and being “a good citizen.” 

We agreed that a citizen is more a status of being - “this is where I exist, my address is here” - but to be a good citizen, it requires more doing.  A good citizen is involved.  A good citizen contributes their own time, talents, and efforts to improving the place they live, not for their own benefit, but for the benefit of their fellow citizens. 

It’s a simple lesson, and my son picked it up fast - he’s a smart kid. 

I’ve been following the events of Texas’ 85th Legislative Session closely all year, and it feels like that lesson has been lost.  Our legislature is now a battle of ideologies over ideas, and big money interests trump the interests of constituents.  Our representatives are elected to represent us - you and me, the citizens of this community.  Our representative, while in Austin, should speak with our voice. 

That’s why I’m running.  I want to make the community a better place for all of us.  To do this, I pledge to listen to you, to vote my conscience, and to lead the way that you, my fellow citizens intend.  I want to represent everyone in the district, not just those that I agree with politically.  I pledge to do what works for us, even if it isn’t “ideologically pure.”  I pledge to be passionate in the pursuit of your interests, but above all sensible, rational and transparent. 

I’m really looking forward to hearing from all of you about the role you need our representative to perform.  Let me know!