Business is in My Blood

I work for a large Internet company in Dallas, managing their global website payment processing and credit card fraud prevention strategies. It’s work that I love – I’ve been doing similar jobs for almost twenty years now, in addition to a lot of experience in financial analysis and treasury management – heady stuff! I had the great privilege of starting out the professional phase of my business career at Apple’s facilities in Austin, right around the time that the company had the revolutionary idea of, “Hey, maybe we should start selling these colorful computers on the Internet?” I learned a lot from that experience!

There’s nothing I love more than diving into a challenging problem – either alone or with a team of smart and motivated peers – and gathering the necessary data and inputs to come up with the most elegant solution. That’s my jam.

I have a Bachelor of Business Administration from St. Edward’s University and a Master of Business Administration from Texas Christian University. It’s in my DNA – I know business.

One of the things I’ve learned both in classrooms and in offices is that a good business idea can accommodate the needs of their customers, the needs of their owners, and the needs of society at large. A business that cannot be profitable in the legal and taxation environment where it exists does not qualify as a good idea. A savvy entrepreneur takes these environmental considerations into consideration before launching.

I’m a firm believer in Stakeholder Theory: the business that succeeds in our modern environment is the one that carefully balances its impacts to internal stakeholders, like employees and owners, and external stakeholders, like shareholders, customers, government and society as a whole.  Businesses that haven’t considered those impacts will fail in any environment.